gonna to my crosroads of my life

I’m gonna graduate in a year and then I have to choose which way to go next, try to apply in a hotel or a tourism agency (my major is Hotel and Tourism in Vietnam University of Commerce) or open a store in my hometown ( a traditional porcelain ceramics village), or try to chasing my dream: working in a famous bakery, or simply just marry a rich husband and then do what I want… The last choice seems to be the best =)) Sometimes I don’ think I can do anything: try selling some cupcakes I’ve made make me feel I’m a loser; try becoming a casual staff at hotel, make me so stress; try becoming a guide in a park, make me really upset and tired and stress more than ever. I’m not good in business, also in doing whatever stupid things they asked me to do, so I think if I have to choose, I better choose to open a pottery store by my own, try to learn my mom experience in business, using my advantage such as having a good place to open a store, having a great mom full of experience in this business, having a good taste in aesthetic… except: I don’t have much relationship in there; I’m just well in listening not speaking and persuading people; I’m not good at controlling money; I’m too believe in people; I don’t dare to venture but venture is the most important in business…

Well well well just keep going. We will find out what’s happen when it happen :v



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