It’s funny how some distance makes everything seem small…

When you’re gone, I never imagine that you will not come back. But now I do. Day by day, the future of you and me, together, is fading, little by little. I wonder if you will not love me anymore, if you put your future, your dream, your career above me…and if you let me down..? Tell me you will never ever leave me, tell me that we will be together, tell me you will not forget me, tell me you still love me like the first time… Can you do that? I doubt. I’m sorry, my faith in you is fading.

People said, when you’re gone, if we break up, it’s must because of me. It is me not be able to wait for you anymore. It is me finding someone else when you’d still love me. It’s all me. But maybe they’re wrong. Now I doubt that it is you, who leave me alone in this place, it is you who find someone else, it is you who do not love me anymore…

Don’t you realize that the distance between us is farther?  I’m sitting here, listening to your future plan, I know that, if you choose to stay, I have no chance to be with you, we are torn apart. You and me, in the different worlds, say different issues, to different people, and in different rank. But I can’t blame on you, it’s not your fault, if I were you, I would do the same. That’s such a good chance, if you choose that, I will understand, without saying a word, it’s good for you, for your future, for your family too.

We are our first love, but the first love is meant to be.


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