Robin Scherbatsky

Besides 500 days of Summer, series HIMYM also is the most fav movie/film of mine. And the director, he makes me feel that almost the stories about Robin in HIMYM is based on me 😥

Some people say that they hate Robin, she’s selfish, a little bit *bitchy* blah blah… But I don’t think so (and also because of her character is similar with mine haha)

She is honest to herself, and doesn’t live her life according to the rules others set out for her. She does whatever she wants, and whatever that people say that she can’t do; so am I =)) The doctor said that she can’t eat lobster because of allergy, and even when she knows that, she’s still try to eat lobster the last time in her life, to get allergy and never eat lobster again. It’s like when I’ve learn that I shouldn’t have a short hairstyle because it don’t make my face look good, I still cut it off, to see how terrible it is, and then I’m sure that I will never ever have a short hairstyle again.

The point is, sometimes even when you know something is a mistake, you gotta make it anyway.


It’s like when Lilys leave Marshall to move to another city for her passion in art, maybe she know that’s a mistake but she still do that, because if she dont, she will waste her whole life to figure out if it is a mistake.

If I am not cut my hair off, I will waste my whole life to find out if my face looks good with a short hairstyle.

If I am not leaving him, I will waste my whole life to wondering what I can do without him.

If …

 I do not own the picture above and I  do not make money from it


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