La Vie En Rose

One day you just wake up and turn on your phone then get a bunch of notifications. Imess, Facebook message, sms… And some of them make you depressed. From Ex with… Love (or angry, or upset, or any stupid thing like that) Then you realize the one you used to love like crazy is pissing you off, talk so much terrible things about you, and you’re completely shock because you can’t believe that he’s such a bad guy like that, after more than five years been together. You don’t know what to do but cried. The first love has broken in the worst way.  But finally you’ve done nothing but forgive him. Love drives us crazy. He got mad at you cause he used to love you, cause he can’t stand when you choose a guy has nothing on him. But just only you know how special that guy is. And that’s enough. Dress up and make up, you try to go outside and have fun. But it’s not easy…     I thought about having a tattoo. I love tattoo but never brave enough to have one, and never sure-enough to have one.  When I crawl in bad mood, he comes. Cheer me up, share the bad mood with me, take care of me, stay with me. I don’t know how long this love would last but now I don’t care. We young and we have right to be dumb without being judged. Who cares what people talking about us. Just live while we’re young.


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