They said that: “choose a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life”. But why this time I feel no interest like before? Why am I so tired, where’s my passion? 

I love baking. And in this pastry kitchen there’s so many things that I can learn from. Working hard and dreaming one day I’ll have a bakery-coffee shop by my own, with the one I love. But why, why, why am I so sad right now? 

Maybe I’m afraid of something. Or maybe I just not sure about my choice. Put a hand on my heart and think “it’s gonna be okay” but it’s damn hard to claim my heart.

It’s feel like something’s wrong… But what’s wrong?  I’ll figure out and fix it.

Just fiding my passion. And friends. I miss my friends at the previous pastry kitchen. We was a perfect team. But now we’re torn apart and it’s suck.

Anyway, try your best, to make your dream comes true. You can do it. Just never think about *give up* or *boring* or *lonely*


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