Robin Scherbatsky

Besides 500 days of Summer, series HIMYM also is the most fav movie/film of mine. And the director, he makes me feel that almost the stories about Robin in HIMYM is based on me 😥

Some people say that they hate Robin, she’s selfish, a little bit *bitchy* blah blah… But I don’t think so (and also because of her character is similar with mine haha)

She is honest to herself, and doesn’t live her life according to the rules others set out for her. She does whatever she wants, and whatever that people say that she can’t do; so am I =)) The doctor said that she can’t eat lobster because of allergy, and even when she knows that, she’s still try to eat lobster the last time in her life, to get allergy and never eat lobster again. It’s like when I’ve learn that I shouldn’t have a short hairstyle because it don’t make my face look good, I still cut it off, to see how terrible it is, and then I’m sure that I will never ever have a short hairstyle again.

The point is, sometimes even when you know something is a mistake, you gotta make it anyway.


It’s like when Lilys leave Marshall to move to another city for her passion in art, maybe she know that’s a mistake but she still do that, because if she dont, she will waste her whole life to figure out if it is a mistake.

If I am not cut my hair off, I will waste my whole life to find out if my face looks good with a short hairstyle.

If I am not leaving him, I will waste my whole life to wondering what I can do without him.

If …

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It’s funny how some distance makes everything seem small…

When you’re gone, I never imagine that you will not come back. But now I do. Day by day, the future of you and me, together, is fading, little by little. I wonder if you will not love me anymore, if you put your future, your dream, your career above me…and if you let me down..? Tell me you will never ever leave me, tell me that we will be together, tell me you will not forget me, tell me you still love me like the first time… Can you do that? I doubt. I’m sorry, my faith in you is fading.

People said, when you’re gone, if we break up, it’s must because of me. It is me not be able to wait for you anymore. It is me finding someone else when you’d still love me. It’s all me. But maybe they’re wrong. Now I doubt that it is you, who leave me alone in this place, it is you who find someone else, it is you who do not love me anymore…

Don’t you realize that the distance between us is farther?  I’m sitting here, listening to your future plan, I know that, if you choose to stay, I have no chance to be with you, we are torn apart. You and me, in the different worlds, say different issues, to different people, and in different rank. But I can’t blame on you, it’s not your fault, if I were you, I would do the same. That’s such a good chance, if you choose that, I will understand, without saying a word, it’s good for you, for your future, for your family too.

We are our first love, but the first love is meant to be.

gonna to my crosroads of my life

I’m gonna graduate in a year and then I have to choose which way to go next, try to apply in a hotel or a tourism agency (my major is Hotel and Tourism in Vietnam University of Commerce) or open a store in my hometown ( a traditional porcelain ceramics village), or try to chasing my dream: working in a famous bakery, or simply just marry a rich husband and then do what I want… The last choice seems to be the best =)) Sometimes I don’ think I can do anything: try selling some cupcakes I’ve made make me feel I’m a loser; try becoming a casual staff at hotel, make me so stress; try becoming a guide in a park, make me really upset and tired and stress more than ever. I’m not good in business, also in doing whatever stupid things they asked me to do, so I think if I have to choose, I better choose to open a pottery store by my own, try to learn my mom experience in business, using my advantage such as having a good place to open a store, having a great mom full of experience in this business, having a good taste in aesthetic… except: I don’t have much relationship in there; I’m just well in listening not speaking and persuading people; I’m not good at controlling money; I’m too believe in people; I don’t dare to venture but venture is the most important in business…

Well well well just keep going. We will find out what’s happen when it happen :v


Sapa in my heart

This Vietnamese New Year I came back to Sapa the second time with my BF. Although I’ve gone to Sapa one time but that time was not enough for me to explore this beautiful place. The zigzag road to Sapa is horrible for a car-sick girl like me, but through the window car, the beautiful valley and terraces appear under the ranges of mountain in the sunset make me amazed and I feel so excited

Ta Phin village - Sapa - Vietnam

In Sapa we can see 4 seasons in a day: in the early morning, it’s rather cold and the dense fog is over all things

view from my window hotel room

view from my window hotel room

In the middle-day, the temperature is increase and the sun is appear, the fog is gone and it’s become warm and full of sunny

sunny time

sunny time

In the evening, the sun is disappear behind the mountain ranges and some winds begin to blow. It’s become cold as autumn without sunlight.

Ngày 2 - Bản Tả Phìn - Thác Bạc (195)

In Sapa, some famous destinations are recommend for you to explore: such as Cat Cat village, Ta Phin village, Ho village, the Silver waterfall, Stars stream, the Love waterfall, Ham Rong mountain (the Dragon-mouth mountain)… You can go to Ham Rong mountain and Cat Cat village by walk because it’s near the center town, but the other places are far from Sapa town by over 10 kms so you should hire a motorbike (70-150vnd/day depend on what motorbike you hired) and feeling the awesome landscape in here by driving. For me, except Ham Rong mountain, I don’t think you should pay attention to the destination but the landscape. For example, the Silver waterfall or the Love waterfall has nothing but… a normal waterfall which doesn’t have much water in winter (or that was what I feel haha). I prefer enjoying the way winds blows my hair when I was driving motorbike and all around me is magnificent mountain range with some house-roofs appear and disappear alternately in the valley and above me is the blue sky with some drifting white clouds…


an old villa on the road to Ta Phin village

an old villa on the road to Ta Phin village

white plum blossom in Sapa

white plum blossom in Sapa

a part of Sapa from San May (Cloud Yard) in Ham Rong Mountain (Dragon-Mouth)

a part of Sapa from San May (Cloud Yard) in Ham Rong Mountain (Dragon-Mouth)



cold water. warm heart. I love Sapa

cold water. warm heart. I love Sapa


Another photos of beautiful Sapa when the winter comes: The snowy day. In Vietnam, we don’t have snowy, but some special place as SaPa, if you’re lucky, you will see a magnificent SaPa’s  covered by snow like this:

I am not own this photo. A friend on Facebook sent me, he's such a great photographer!

I am not own this photo. A friend on Facebook sent me, he’s such a great photographer!

My amazing summer in one of the most beautiful place I’ve ever come

My amazing summer in one of the most beautiful place I've ever come

Minh Chau beach – Quan Lan island, Quang Ninh, Vietnam
I really love this place. The water is very clear, it’s easy to see my feet when I put myself in the water. And the sand has ivory color and smooth as confectioners sugar xD Feel like I was standing in a giant sugar box, so amazing xD I came back home after 3days with the tan skin because of sunbath and walking along the beach all day…

I've seen it when walking along the beach

I’ve seen it when walking along the beach

This special food  is Sá sùng. Well, I dont know how you feel when you see them alive. Some of my friends are scared. It look like “chubby worms” haha but when it’s cooked, it’s so diffenrent. Its taste is so sweet, and in somewhere in Vietnam, they put some Sa sung in soup of Phở to make the soup is sweeter (it’s a job secret) xD This kind of food is really expensive cause of the nutritional value of them, and catching them is hard

Sá sùng - special food in there

I've come to Quan Lan island by a motor boat

Bái Tử Long Bay